Schaap Holland is the partner to provide for your complete range of potato products. Together we can inspire the customer to put potatoes back on the menu more regularly. We do this by;

  • Consumer and shopper research
  • Advising on assortment and promotion based on market figures (Nielsen)
  • Active membership of campaigns like “Power to the pieper”. (Power to the potato)
  • Store visits and advising your employees who handle our products
  • Seminars and courses
  • Trade fairs

The potato is the base component of the northwest European cuisine and rightly so, potatoes are super healthy! Potatoes are low in calories compared to rice and pasta. They’re also a good source for your daily vitamin B1 and C intake. Besides that it’s probably the most multifunctional vegetable there is. Learn about all the different ways you can prepare potatoes on or our consumer site.

As part of our “Power to the pieper” campaign we temporarily opened a mini-restaurant in Amsterdam’s famous red-light district. In this restaurant one person at a time could enjoy special potato dishes prepared by top chefs Freek van Noortwijk and Guillaume de Beer.