Processed potatoes

In 1999 we opened our processing plant in which we use a special technique to peel the potatoes in the most natural way possible. With this peeling method we can preserve the taste as much as possible. Other processing plants use the steam peeling technique which is faster but has a negative effect on the potato. Our plant is also very dynamic so that we can produce for different markets. Our product range differs from fresh French fries for restaurants, to bulk packaging for mass processors to 450 grams precooked potatoes for supermarkets. Check out our complete product range here.

Being sustainable is very important to us and we take on every opportunity to make our plant as efficient as possible. Read about our current projects on the page “Sustainability”.

Our brand poldergold stands for quality you can count on. Our processed potatoes are continuously checked from the growing period till the customer. Read more about that process and which quality certificates we received for our way of working on the page “Quality control”.