Freshly packed

The potato is one of the most versatile vegetables and incredibly nutritious. This makes it a great addition to every complete meal. Through our campaign “Power to the pieper” (power to the potato) we try to inspire customers with recipes to make them look at the potato in a different way. After all the times in which we only use potatoes the traditional way are long gone.

Part of this is responding to the demand for special potatoes and special packaging. Customers are moving from buying the bag with a large amount to buying single kilo’s and seasonal varieties. To aid our customers in this, we offer a large range of products.

The customer is becoming increasingly critical and rightly so. With over 50 years of experience and a state-of-the-art quality centre, we’re able to fulfil their quality wishes. Read more about it on “Quality control”.

In short we’re doing everything we can to make sure northwest Europe will fall back in love with the potato. Do you want to help us with that? Contact us.