Peeled potatoes

Our way of peeling potatoes is to scrape the skin of the potato. The trick in doing this is to completely remove the skin, but as little as possible of the potato. The big advantage with this technique compared to the most used method of steaming the skin off is taste preservation. It’s a really tough procedure to get absolutely right, but in 1999 we specifically build our plant for this way of peeling potatoes. In addition to that we built our plant in such a dynamic way that every day we can produce a large amount of fresh products for our customers.

For the majority of the processed potato products we use the “Agria”. This variety is known for its rich taste and great frying and baking capacities. This makes it the perfect potato to cook, roast, deep-fry and mash.

The Agria is a tricky variety to grow, so it’s grown by specialized farmers who know how to deal with it. And to make completely sure that the customer only gets the best, we do 5 quality controls before packing the potatoes.

We can provide potatoes in every shape and size, contact us our you wholesaler to profit from;

  • Constant high quality all year long
  • Excellent price- quality ratio
  • Wide product range
  • Very food safe product
  • Very high delivery reliability