Large unprocessed potatoes

Despite the fact that we’re able to deliver ultra fresh french fries ourselves, we understand that you might want to make them yourself. May be it to either achieve maximum freshness or cutting them in a special way. So we offer unprocessed extra large potatoes so you can make your perfect fries.

We diversify our product on quality, size sorting and taste. To reach this level we have built a complete quality centre and use the variety Agria almost all year long. The potatoes get grown specifically te be made into fresh french fries by our own specialized growers. They make sure that they get that long, straight shape and a rich taste. After a strong inspection at our quality centre the potatoes get washed and sorted after which only the best remain.

We package them, on order, in 25kg bags and offer a washed and unwashed variant. De size sorting differs per harvest but will always be at least 55 millimeters and up.

Contact us so that you can profit from;

  • Constant high quality
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Very food safe product
  • High delivery reliability