Fresh french fries

Consumers are constantly on the look-out for completely fresh products, after all those are the products with the most taste. This is also the case for French fries, where more and more fast service restaurants are switching to true fresh fries. Poldergold aims to stands out on quality and taste. We do this by using the variety Agria, which is known for its great taste and excellent frying attributes.

The potatoes are specifically grown for French fries by our own specialized growers. They are able to grow them in the desired long and straight shape and make sure that they have that great taste. After a strict quality control at our quality centre they’re sorted, washed and if necessary peeled. Next they all travel through a laser that makes sure that only the best potatoes get used. Their following destination is a machine that can cut them in exactly the requested size, creating only perfectly straight fries. After another quality control they’re packed into 4 or 5kg bags.

We like to think along with our customers and produce fries with a thickness of 7mm till 16mm, either with our without skin. Contact us to find out how you can enjoy;

  • Constant high quality all year long
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Wide product range
  • Food safe product
  • Very high delivery reliability