Sous-vide cooking has been widely accepted within the professional kitchen and even home cooks are starting to pick up on the trend. Sous-vide cooking starts with vacuum sealing the ingredients and submerging them in hot water. By regulating the water at a constant temperature, you can perfectly control the doneness and get the same result every time. In addition to that it ensures that no vitamins or nutrients get lost during cooking and that the taste will remain pure. Because we cook the potatoes 100% for you, it’s the easiest and fastest way to prepare delicious potatoes in the professional kitchen or at home. Besides frying/roasting them the traditional way, sous-vide potatoes are also suited for the air-fryer, microwave and steamer. You could even eat them straight out of the package. And because of the vacuum seal you can keep them in your fridge for up to two months!

We found out about all these advantages more than 20 years ago and have been perfecting our products and production process ever since. With a combination of our own passion for potato products and the wishes of our clients we’re constantly working on new flavours and combinations. This has led to a wide range of sous-vide products.

We hope to make you just as excited about sous-vide potatoes as us. Contact us about the possibilities so that you can enjoy potatoes that are;

  • Quick to prepare
  • No additives
  • Rich in taste
  • Super healthy
  • Prepareable in almost every way
  • Long shelf life